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Watch Out! Difficult-to-Detect Phishing Attack Can Steal Your Apple ID Password

The Hacker News--This Difficult-to-Detect Phishing Attack Can Easily Steal Your Apple ID Password
October 11, 2017 Go to story on The Hacker News

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AMP for email is a terrible idea

TechCrunch--Google just announced a plan to "modernize" email, allowing "engaging, interactive, and actionable email experiences." Does that sound like a terrible idea to..
February 15, 2018 Go to TechCrunch

Smartphone data tracking is even creepier than you think

The Next Web--  Smartphones rule our lives. Having information at our fingertips is the height of convenience. They tell us all sorts of things, but the information we see and receive on our smartphones is just a fraction of the data they generate. By tracking and monitoring our behaviour and activities, smartphones build a digital profile of …
February 15, 2018 Go to The Next Web

Should you get it? Edmunds sizes up new car-safety technology

USA TODAY--Safety features designed to avoid accidents are becoming increasingly common in new cars.
February 11, 2018 Go to USA TODAY

It's time to dump those old iPhones and iPads | ZDNet

ZDNet--The leak of Apple's iBoot source code onto GitHub is likely to turn older devices into a toxic hellstew of vulnerabilities.
February 10, 2018 Go to ZDNet

How to Tweak Spotify's Generated Playlists

Lifehacker--Spotify’s algorithm-generated playlists try, but they don’t always hit the mark. If you want to mess with the recipe a bit, try out Nelson, the Spotify playlist generator that lets you customize what shows up on your playlist based on the kind of music (or musical elements) you enjoy.
February 06, 2018 Go to Lifehacker

LEGO Figures Make Perfect Cable Holders

Lifehacker--Who knew that LEGO designed their figures' hands perfectly to hold Apple lightning and other types of cables? Stick a LEGO brick on your desk, attach LEGO figure(s), and, voilà, an ingenious cord-catching solution.
February 06, 2018 Go to Lifehacker

CES 2018: What happened to last year's show hits?

CNET--Every January, gadget firms make a splash at CES. But what happens to those products afterwards?
February 05, 2018 Go to CNET

I used the Google Pixelbook as my only laptop at CES - and it completely converted me

Android Police - Android news, reviews, apps, games, phones, tablets--The Google Pixelbook is a truly excellent piece of hardware, as I stated in my review of it over two months ago. The refrain so often heard about Chromebooks, though, is that Chrome OS's limited application ecosystem prevents it from being a "serious" laptop operating system. As someone who frequently travels and has to be mobile as part of my job, I thought I'd put Google's laptop to the test in
January 24, 2018 Go to Android Police - Android news, reviews, apps, games, phones, tablets

Why Microsoft Resurrected A 15-Year-Old Mouse

Co.Design--Microsoft tried to kill its familiar corded IntelliMouse Explorer years ago. But the most discerning pointing device users on the planet weren’t willing to give it up.
January 17, 2018 Go to Co.Design

The one thing everybody forgets about Gartner's hype cycle, even in martech - Chief Marketing Technologist

Chief Marketing Technologist--The Gartner hype cycle is one of the more brilliant insights ever uncovered in the history of technology. I rank it right up there with Moore’s Law and Christensen’s model of disruptive innovation from below. Gartner’s hype cycle describe a 5-stage pattern that almost all new technologies follow: A technology trigger introduces new possibilities — …
January 10, 2018 Go to Chief Marketing Technologist