Michael Grover

mike@michaelgrover.com 213-819-8217

Analytics-driven, bilingual (Spanish/English), senior-level media company product manager, social media manager, and product marketer with mad analytics skills. Art collector.

Clients, Companies, and Experience

International SEO, EMEA and APAC.
Working with regional marketers to drive more organic traffic.

  • SEO
  • Traffic Analysis and Reporting
  • KPI Management

Oracle Corporation

International SEO (Contract)

Responsible for strategy and execution on all digital products for media/events company.

  • Company-changing App
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Cross-team product planning and goal setting

The Channel Company

VP, Digital Products

Founder of marketing org providing marketing and development for Media and Entertainment clients.

  • Code Girl Movie
  • Displaced Films
  • Siteroll.tv

The Marketing Group

Strategy, product development and marketing

Worked with 20+ brands to conceive and launch profitable web and mobile products.

  • Data-mining to identify new opportunities
  • Social Media network
  • Organic and Paid traffic

UBM TechWeb

Director of Content Operations

Business lead with P&L responsibility for US healthcare publishing business.

  • Launched SearchMedia healthcare search engine.
  • Hiring staff of 17
  • Cross-team product planning and goal setting

CMP Medica

Director of Online Media

Created award-winning note-taking app.

"One of the best note-taking apps for high schoolers..." Appolearning.com


Founder/Creator of Note-taking app

Motion graphics and titles for films and television.

  • Adobe After Effects
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Adobe Photoshop
Motion Graphics Reel >

Motion Graphics

Titles and Graphics for Films

Conceived and built mobile news retrieval app providing access to multiple sources in a single stream.


News Application

Facebook marketing program

  • Company-changing App
  • Analysis and Reporting
  • Cross-team product planning and goal setting

Jumpstart Body Fuel

Digital Marketing, e-commerce

Created products for customers

  • Invented Dogear Peelback ad unit
  • Earned 2 Best of the Web Awards
  • Generated millions in incremental revenue

The TechWeb Network

Director of Online Marketing

Selected References From Linkedin

For additional references, please call me at 213-819-8217

"It's never less than great working with you."

Konstantinos Kontos, Sr. Developer Saturated Colors

"...cutting edge knowledge of new media..."

Timo Elliot, Buddha Branding


Mike Azzara, Principal, Content Marketing Partners

"...an innovator and thinker who executes."

Cora Nucci, Associate Editorial Director, HealthLeaders Media

"...he set one of the most rewarding professional cultures I've been a part of in my career."

Amber Tresca, Medscape

"...always delivered excellent results to help drive digital product innovation, process and execution. His early version of "content-based" units were years ahead of their time."

Brandon Friesen, President, Just Media

"...truly understands the medium in a way many executives do not."

Anne Holland, Anne Holland Ventures

"...highly creative and understands the importance of focusing on the practical business ramifications – revenue and profit – of the projects he's working on..."

Tom Smith, former manager at UBM TechWeb

"...creative thinking..."

Nevin Berger, Lead User Experience Designer, Revitas Inc